Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I wish I had the talent for writing...

Well, today I started public school for my very first time. It was... different.
Too many people for me. Kind of stressful. It's funny... I love the city, all the people & places...but middle school is a lot to handle for me. Ahh I know what you're thinking, I am such a weeny. So stop thinking it!
I do like most of my teachers though, they all seem pretty cool, but you never know. It is my first day so they could be playing the "nice teacher" card... haha.
A poem is due in L.A. on Friday, and I am kind of excited/nervous/uninspired. I haven't written any poems that have like... rules... So who knows what it will be like. Neither have I been graded on writing like this. Yikes! Oh well..
If it turns into anything worth reading I will post it...


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