Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring break is nearing an end, and although it was nice to see my fellow Washingtonians, I am extremely glad to be home in Sandpoint. SB has been leisurely, lazy, and other than racing around to see friends, pretty mellow. Thankgoodness.
I realized this morning, after taking a lovely walk with mum, that I will not be able to excersize quite as much as I fancy when back at school or even after school ends.  Oh!  I should let you know that I've been HIRED!!  Yay! I am excited, first official job, but a bit disappointed that I will not be able to be at the beach 24/7 all summer, chill, and run along the trails in the wonderful weather. Oh, It is not all down the drain, I must tell my self. It is nice to earn some cash though. And another bonus is getting in @ Silverwood for free and two free passes with each paycheck.
Another note....
Of late I have been exploring the Christian Hip-hop scene. I love Hip-hop and Rap but I've been sick of the crap, and the perverted ideas and suggestions ect. supported and endorsed in a majority of the hip-hop stuff that I hear. Now by no means am I completely dissing secular hip-hop but I have actually been finding some good Christian hip-hop artists such as: Lecrea, Trip Lee, Flame, Everyday Process, Sho Baraka, The Cross Movement, ect...


  1. yaaaaaaaay!!!! I really hope i can visit you this summer!!!


  2. Yes! Thanks for commenting babe, it is nice of you.

  3. yeah ur so welcome! i just figured out how to! :) i love youuuu