Tuesday, June 9, 2009

In then past week I have managed to get through the:
The last day of school
My first day of work.

So, as concerning the last day of school, I was mucho excited for school to be out, as am I now. And I am shamed to say, that miss people, will I not. I have found myself to be somewhat of a recluse, fortunately and unfortunately. But I must seem to contradict myself for, sometimes, I crave people so. And now, for with no support from those of equal level emotionally and maturity-wise shall I say, emotionally, I am immensely drained.

And, as concerning work, I will just say that I made it, and probably not with flying colors. Alright, I'm not thinking I did badly exactly, but my my, it was a bit stressful, if I may say so myself. I find myself very nervous working with other people's money, all the while trying to appease the costumers and keep the change right and make sure that all the procedures are always followed correctly by myself. I pray that I will adjust to the stress, ahh, and that was supposedly a slooow day. I am not looking forward to busy days, not. at. all. Although I think a raise will follow in July and August.

My oh my, please help me keep my head straight, Lord!

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