Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I found this post in a quite interesting myspace page, so I'm quoting it:
"my life revolves around:
blowpops, laughing until i cant breathe, movie line text messages, senior fears, painting my toe nails, picking flowers, driving like a maniac, watching 90s cartoons at 3 in the morning, dreaming about marrying strangers, shitty ex boyfriends, eating a deck of cards, fantasizing about being famous, meeting strangers from the internet, planning my next tattoos, taking pictures of myself everyday, singing along to songs i dont know, hooking up with old friends, midnight food-runs, never leaving my phone, dancing around my house in my panties, smoking pot, having a foul mouth, spending my empty weekends with my brothers friends, hating my family, talking to the voices in my head, chewing my nails, wearing skinny jeans in 120 degree weather, slapping on guy deoderant, living off of soup and salad, wishing i liked my clothes better, jamming safety pins through my lips, waking up hungover, drinking water, always having my ipod with me, refreshing myself with perfume every hour, riding quads through mud puddles, crashing boats into sandbars, wanting to travel the world just for food, forever wondering about matt, living with my stepmom, moshing at concerts, memorizing entire movies, losing my temper, counting everything, being paranoid, living with cancer, wanting to fuck seth rogen, burping, fidgeting with my hair, trying to find out who my real father is, always being cold, stretching at 1130 at night, loving oldies songs, being an 80s fanatic, loving huge sunglasses, choosing fat guys over skinny ones, wanting to be skinny, being a recovering drug addict, enjoying theatre class, buying extension mascara, having ocd, secretly wanting to be a teacher, wanting to go to the boardwalk, being a hopeless romantic, being lactose intollerant, making bad decisions, duct taping my shoes, having petty arguements, watching antm and bravo all day, wishing i had a thick scottish accent, having naturally red hair, loving spicy food, getting money sent to me by my sisters, regretting ever seeing him naked, popping my knuckles, loving hipbones, cliff jumping, hating the sight of fish touching in water, barely graduating, wanting 800 dogs, hoping i marry rich, always having to pee, thinking about becoming amish, sharpening my teeth, not acting on homicidal urges, wishing werewolves were real, being in love with andy dick, playing the violin, swooning over ufc fighters, writing on my skin, dying to thizz, hating twilight, getting lost in dark alleys, always in constant motion."

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