Friday, June 4, 2010

I wonder if you gaze at the stars
And I wonder if it’s the same for you
I’ve lied and wrecked as many hearts
As the stars of the night
This exposed ambiance
Bares my every fear
My every guilty lament
My every sick craving
I can't bear the feelings that arise
When I perceive this naked magnificence
Goading, messing with my head
Slithering into my stomach
It dares me to reveal myself
Shrinking my every dream,
Each hope and warmth,
Amplifying my demons

Oh, their hopes and dreams
I shattered
In a haze of self-pity
In anger I threw your smiles
Into the flaming pits of my regret
From the broken grasp of my love
I ran away, and you came after
Until you saw I didn’t want you
I couldn’t let you make me better
I wish you would know
Its not you, it is me
I can’t stand my pathetic weakness
Wretched and feeble
Corrupt and depraved
Can’t stand how I smiled when I broke your heart
I can’t stand how I watched myself
Fall apart
Fall away… fall into forever
Alone and so unreachable
Salvation unattainable

By Mical Edstrom ©

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