Tuesday, November 24, 2009

By Mical Edstrom

I am one of the girls
Who needs to be strong
Even as he hits me
And says its my fault

I am one of the marred
Who will never be beautiful
I hate myself each second
And as I’m leaning over the bowl

I am one of the fake
A dancing facade of happiness
Longing to be pieced back together
To no longer subsist in hopelessness

I am one of the broken
Drowning in my fear
Consumed by the oppressive monster
Whispering in my ear

I am one of the wretched
Lonely and misunderstood
Crying out to the echoing ocean
Desolation’s flood

I am one of the loathsome
Wanting of grace
Awkward and impossible
Merely an ugly face

I am one of the swindled
My obsession is their lies
I’ve devoured their propaganda
The demise if my life

I am one of the desperate
Lost and unconvinced
Their spiteful insults loop in my head
I shall die in this hideous skin

I am one of the naïve
My eyes follow you walking away
You relish the stunning, the faultless
I’ll never attain the love I crave

I am one of the defective
Never shall I know your approval
So I waste away into petals of sorrow
My love forgone, I’ve lost all hope

I am one of the feeble
I’ve whimpered and cowered
I’ve silently begged for your love
But my prayers die unuttered

I am one of the shattered
Never to be redeemed
I’m lost in the feral illusion
Just one of the innumerable host unseen

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