Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Untitled Poem©

I’ll never cry
For the salty ocean is mine
For the heart you’ve broken
Has befallen numb in time

The lead in my mouth
The dry swollen sob
Won’t escape me
So help me God

So my fingers will croon music
Out of that old grand’s keys
I’ll lose myself in the sigh of the song
A moment, so fleetingly free

I shall love the refrain
And on the water I’ll lie
Singing to the wind
An honest, lonesome cry

The petals of the sky
Will betroth me in peace
The ribbons of the rain
Will be my release

Shattered, I rest
My bellowing heart shall respite
And the beads of convalescence
Shall inflame me to heights

By Mical Edstrom

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