Saturday, February 7, 2009

practically sisters. telepathic sisters.

My best friend is amazing. We have gone through so much, we have gone through so many different trials, yet we haven't grown apart. We may not know everything about the life each other lives in . But we know the true hearts of each other. We know who we used to be, we can see how we've changed, and we know the soul under the residue of hard times.

Enough mushy stuff.
Anyway, 2 nights ago, me and mummy watched P.S. I Love You. Sad movie. Then the next night I called Beth. We were talking, and I'm sure you don't want to be weirded-out by the rest of our conversation. But anywhoo, we were talking and she was telling me that she and her mommy rented a couple movies yesterday night... and I'm like "us too, what did you get?" and apparently she and her mommy ALSO watched P.S. I Love You!! This is not the first time we have done this.
We did it a couple months ago too. The same movie on the same night. No clue about each other. And it's not like they were really new movies we'd been waiting to see or something. Seriously I had not talked to her in a few nights and neither of us had a clue.  Its like my mom and her sisters. They have gotten each other the exact same card on the same day from the same place without having any idea what the other person got....
I think that me & beth are like sisters reincarnated. Without the reincarnation. Its like we're soul mates.... but not in like a lesbian kind of way.... like a BFF/sisters kind of way.
I'm sorry if you are confused.

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