Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Queen of Pain

The Queen of Pain,
Her Royal "Highness".
An Evil Dictator,
Who doesn't care less.
If a faithful servant,
Who worships her throne.
Dies like a pauper,
In the cold all alone.

The Queen of Pain,
Makes bowing enticing.
And honoring her,
Seem so inviting.
Each faithful servant,
Is lead by the "arm".
And "stuck" in a Kingdom,
Of make believe charm.

The Queen of pain,
The Almighty Fraud.
A flirtatious wink,
Followed up by a "nod".
A "pointed" smile,
A shortness of breath.
A devious laugh,
As you're laying near death.

The Queen of Pain,
A villain and knave.
A Master of Lies,
Who loves to enslave.
But each faithful servant,
Can put an end to her reign.
By refusing to bow,

"The Queen Of Pain"
© Ronald Doe

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