Friday, September 4, 2009

**First Class Entertainment**

"Hello Pretty One, How are you doing today?Am very happy to write to you letting you know how Your profile caught my attention and i can't pass through and not say hi...well i'm a single man .i work as a civil engineer in MIAMI, Florida United States Am Henry Large. born and brought up in MIAMI, Florida United States, in USA am 44 years of age,The reason why I am writing you. I really like what I have seen and read so far in your profile. You are a very beautiful and attractive looking woman and I would love to have the pleasure of talking to you and even maybe meeting one day. That is of course you would be interested in doing so?If you are looking and wanting to meet an honest and sincere man who will always do what is needed to make sure that you are always happy, then please consider talking and getting to know me. I guarantee that you would not be disappointed. while i love to meet real woman to arrest my soul not a game player, someone who will spend the rest of her life with his soul mate, im very easy out going man that really care for my humanitarian as well, but i don't mind being with a very loyal and creative woman who mostly care for a child and plan for future and right now i am looking for a serious woman to have a serious relationship with i come across your profile when i log in here and i see you are beautiful woman so i like to know you have a chat with you some time can reach me through my email address henrylarge52 or you can IM it would be nice to read back from you again, have a wonderful time.

"You sound nice but I watch TV bucko you could be an old sicko and possibly a perverted stalker so leave me alone.

I will not be molested!! Plus I live in Turkey with my 10 year old husband who will beat you up, but we do not have money so I cannot fly to watch your defeat. I'm sorry.

Sincerely, way not interested.

P.S. If you are not a perverted stalker, child molester, prisoner escapee, serial killer, or anything like-wise please take no offense.
:)... "

" are such an amusing person...if you are interested in knowing me , add me up on your messenger so we can"

"I am an amusing person? HA!
PFFTT!! You don't even know the half of it buddy."

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